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Language Rich Environment for the Summer

A language rich environment has been at the forefront of your mind all year long. You have a portable word wall, anchor charts, posters, etc… Now it’s almost Summer and you’re about to say goodbye to your precious students. Will they continue to be exposed to language the way they were in your classroom? Maybe. Maybe not. You can send your students and their parents away with a few pointers to make sure that their children continue to exposed to language.

A language rich environment can be maintained over the summer when teachers offer ideas and support to parents.

Tips for Language Rich Environment at home

  1. Borrow from the library or purchase different types of books.
    • Alphabet books
    • Rhyming books
    • Picture books
    • Wordless books
    • Poetry books
    • Fiction books
    • Non-Fiction books
  2. Provide materials for children to read or write
    • Pencils and paper
    • Notebook
    • Easel and markers and/or chalk
    • Coloring books
    • Surface or area comfortable for reading and/or writing
  3. Model for children
    • Adults should spend time reading
    • Read aloud to children every day
    • Have conversations with your children
    • Ask children questions about their day
    • Teach children new words each day
    • Read signs on the roadway
  4. Encourage children
    • If children are watching tv, encourage them to watch educational shows such as PBS
    • If children have access to technology, download games that are educational
    • Sing rhyming songs and the alphabet song with your children
    • Remind them to read daily
    • Encourage them to learn how to spell and write their first, middle, and last names
    • Teach them their phone number and address

A Freebie just for you!

I’ve teamed up with the wonderful educators at to offer you a freebie to send home with your students. With summer right around the corner, why not build your little one’s vocabulary with this summer-themed word-to-picture matching worksheet? For more engaging early reading activities, check out their full collection on!

free download from to help your students be engaged with vocabulary and practice word identification.

Want to continue to support parents and students and help prevent the Summer Slide? Read more about it!

Explaining Summer Slide to Parents

Happy Summer!

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