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Reward Coupons: Two Strategies to Save Time and Money

During my first year teaching I used to reward my students with prizes from the prize box. Only to discover that the prize box got expensive….quick! I needed a system that rewarded students with activities they truly enjoyed. That’s when I decided to make reward coupons.

reward coupons are fun for students and eliminate the hassle of a prize box

Initially, they worked beautifully, but I soon discovered that it was becoming cumbersome to hand out coupons and then have students lose them. I also did not enjoy the printing and re-printing of coupons. I came up with two strategies to alleviate this issue. In the short video below, I explain the two strategies and how they have saved me both time and money. I hope that they are helpful for you as well.

What do you think? Will you give it a go? If you want to try these strategies with the coupons in the video, click the image below.

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