STEM Materials your Students will Absolutely Love

STEM materials that will have your students engaged and their imaginations running wild.

When thinking of STEM, just about any everyday material will do. You can use cups, straws, math cubes, etc. But, if you want to take your stem bins up a notch, these materials will do the trick. Recently, I purchased many new items to include in my STEM bins and they have been a hit. I am recommending seven of these STEM materials that have transformed my STEM time. Each picture and title is linked to the product on Amazon.

Brain Flakes

brain flakes connect easily and students love to build with them during stem time

Brain flakes are interconnecting discs that can connect easily to build just about anything. The container brings 500 and includes an instruction manual. My students loved trying to replicate the ball and the tree on the product cover.


legos are a hit in any science classroom. they are engaging for your stem block and allow students to build just about anything

Legos are one of the most versatile STEM materials ever. There’s even a Lego World! People have been known to build massive structures with the use of Legos. Your students could be the ones designing Lego towers for Disney in the future. The opportunities are endless.

Building Block Bars

stem materials like building block bars help students with building everyday objects.

My students love building with block bars. They are very geometrical in nature because of the included shapes. They can also be very useful during math for shape identification and comparison.

Construction Straw

construction straws are a favorite stem material. students can make great structures using these materials

Construction straws ten to be a go-to for many of my little engineers, because they can build quickly. They often build structures such as towers, castles, church, etc. Their favorite part is seeing how tall of a structure they can create.

Pipe Cleaners

pipe cleaners aren't just for art class anymore. they are perfect for building and showing ones thinking during stem time

Pipe cleaners aren’t only fun to use in Art class anymore; they can also be fun to use during STEM. The exciting thing about pipe cleaners is that they can take on the shape of anything you want. They can be bent repeatedly without losing its flexibility or durability.

Popsicle Sticks

popsicle sticks with velcro dots a re a great stem material addition

Place velcro dots on popsicle sticks and you give students the opportunity to let their imagination run wild. The sticks can be connected together by the velcro and students can make anything that is flat or 3D.

Interlocking Building Blocks

interlocking building blocks are all the rage during stem time

These building blocks are sturdy and require lots of hand eye coordination. I love them for my students that can benefit from some improved fine motor skills.

Are there any other Stem Material you would recommend?

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Here is a list of stem materials for the classroom that will have your student engaged. Perfect for science experiments or math projects. Hands on and versatile. #stem #stemmaterials #stemlist
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