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Using Weekly Progress Reports to Involve Parents

When it comes to teaching the whole child, parent engagement is of the utmost importance. When parents have up to date information on their child’s progress in school, they are more likely to respond and to get involved. The best way to view parent engagement is to think of it as a partnership. Teachers and parents have one goal: to ensure that the child succeeds in all areas. We may have different approaches and different styles or views, but our end goal (for the most part) is the same.

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Watch the video below to see how I have implemented weekly progress reports to ensure that I always have a connection with parents. My favorite part about using these reports is that come conference time, I have built up data and reports to show. Parents are never shocked about what I have to tell them during a conference because they’ve already been in the loop for weeks. This allows for us to take advantage of the conference time and use it as planning time. What can we do together to support the student/child in the areas that they need to improve and how can we further support them with their strengths? These conversations with parents lead to change, but it starts with involving them.

Along with the video, you will get access to the progress report that is written out in both English and Spanish.

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