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Primary Cornerstone: More Than Just a Blog

Primary Cornerstone is more than just a site where I want to share ideas and resources. The reason I started this site in the first place was because someone inspired me to believe in my ability to create quality content and resources and because I wanted to glorify God through my daily living and everything I put out there.

When I first started this journey, I picked a name quickly, simply because I needed one. I chose BuggyForFirst because I teach first grade and because my classroom theme was ladybugs (it is now bees). I didn’t put much thought into it and I thought that I would only be making some things here and there, posting them on TPT and hoping someone, anyone, would believe in my resource’s ability to help them.

After a year or two of going with the motions and creating, I prayed to God and said “Lord, I want this to be more than just a blog and I want my store to be more than just a store. I want my blog and my store to somehow reflect you. I don’t want to do any of this if I’m not led by you and I don’t want to have a platform if your name is not part of it.” I have to admit that it was a hard prayer because it meant that I would have to fully commit to adhere to His will and not mine. I wanted my blog and store to thrive, but what if that’s not what God wanted me to pursue? One of the hardest things, but yet the best things to do as a believer is to surrender. Surrendering our wills and trusting in His can be a challenge. We desire so many things in life, but I can tell you that if they are not part of His will for our lives, they are not worth pursuing.

After my prayer and my surrendering to His will, He gave me a new name. I was in awe of His love. His response in giving me a name was an answer on whether He wanted me to pursue this and also an answer to what direction He wanted me to take. Primary Cornerstone was born out of the heart of God for my life. I cover all things for the primary grades (1-2 and sometimes 3), but most importantly, I do it all with the understanding that He is my cornerstone. Without the cornerstone, the primary information I offer is not worthwhile. When I sit to plan or write, I like to begin by going before the Lord in prayer. I want to always reflect Him. I may not speak of Him in some posts, but as I type the words that I do, He is on my mind and on my heart and He is the one giving me the words and the knowledge.

Some days, I’ll sit and write about my faith. Some days, I’ll sit and write about everyday stuff. What I want you to know is that whenever I sit to write, it’ll always be from my heart. You may think you’re coming to an education exclusive website, but I want my readers to know the meaning behind Primary Cornerstone. It is more than just primary grade information; it is my heart poured out. If you look at the top of my site, “from the heart” is one of the categories. I’ll be sharing posts from my heart that are more like a “lifestyle” blog.

I hope that as you continue to follow along in this journey of mine and to partner up with me by becoming part of my Cornerstone family, you not only learn and share with me, but that you are also greatly blessed by being here. I want to share parts of my heart that the Lord is leading me to share. Initially, I did not think that merging my faith and my education blog would work, but soon enough I realized that I am more than a teacher. I am a believer above all, a wife and mom, a pastor, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and yes, I am also a teacher. When I sit to write, all those hats that I wear are present. They are part of me, and so when I write, all of me is present. How could I not share about my faith when my faith is what has brought me this far?

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    July 29, 2018 at 10:56 am

    Hi! I discovered your blog through TPT and I just wanted to say what an encouragement it was to read about your journey. You have such an authenticity and clear devotion to God’s will and not your own. I don’t see many people sharing as boldly as you did. Thanks for that-it’s really refreshing! I pray and hope you continue to have His guidance in all you do. Thanks for being bold in our ever-lukewarm society!

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      August 2, 2018 at 1:52 pm

      Hi Carly!
      You just made my day with your comment. All the glory is for Him, truly. Thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet. I always pray that it’s a blessing for those who stop by and I pray it continues to be a blessing for you. Thank you, Carly 🙂

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