5 Teacher Vloggers to Follow on Youtube

While I work on becoming the 6th teacher vlogger I want you to follow and LOVE, I want to send you to visit 5 other teacher vloggers that I love and admire. I have learned much from them. Many of them possess the enthusiasm, realistic approach, sound pedagogy, love for students, and passion for equitable education that I too stand for. Visit their sites and let me know how much you love them!

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Teachers on Youtube are a great way to see into the classroom without being in the classroom. These teacher vloggers give much insight and guidance for many first year teachers, student teachers, and veteran teachers alike. #teachervloggers #teachervlogs

1. The Lettered Classroom

2. It’s Monique’s World

3. Too Cool For Middle School

4. Real Rap with Reynolds

5. That One Happy Classroom

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