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Back To School Classroom Management Tips

It’s almost that time of year! We are all running to the Target Dollar Spot and filling up our Amazon and Teachers Pay Teachers carts. As sad as we may be to let the Summer fun in the sun go, there is that internal giddiness of knowing that soon we will meet amazing children that we will learn to love and cherish as our own

Back to school time can be stressful if a classroom management plan is not in place. Here are 5 tips to make your back to school time run smoothly

Maybe you’re a first year teacher or maybe you’ve been teaching for a while and every time the school year approaches, you begin panicking about classroom management. Grab a brown bag and take a deep breath-you’re going to be okay. I understand you though. My classroom management is quite polished through years of experience but every August I have to sit down and analyze. What worked? What didn’t? Then I begin to think about a plan to put into place each year where I am using what I have practiced, employing what I have learned and ditching what was ineffective.

In the video below I want to share 6 points with you that I believe will help you have a smooth school year as long as you put them into practice from day 1 and remain consistent.

I hope this video is helpful to you. If I had to pick one pointer and drop the rest, I would say you need consistency. Children thrive when they’re in an environment that offers them structure.  Consistency covers all areas. You’ll be consistent in your love and support towards them, your expectations, your parent communications and so on.

I hope you have a wonderful school year!  Tell me in the comments below what your biggest struggles are with classroom management and I’ll be sure to answer them in future posts and videos.

Happy Managing,

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