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100th and 120th Day of School Fun

Have you had your 100th or 120th day yet?  For the past two years I have celebrated the 100th day and have had different activities leading up to the 120th day. The kids have a blast while practicing their number and literacy knowledge. I want to share with you what our 100th and 120th day celebration were like. You will see a mix of pictures because some were taken on the 100th day while others were taken on the 120th day.

Fun and engaging 100th day and 120th day of school activities, crafts, and hands-on learning that students love! #120thday #100thday

The 100th and 120th Day brings joy

And apparently, it also brings 100 year old teachers. The reactions were so varied!  Some kids couldn’t stop laughing (it didn’t help that I was walking around like Quasimodo), and some kids just said “you are soooo weird.” 🙂
We had a great time making 100 Day Smarter Crowns and our 120 Day Smarter Pennants.
 Students love 100 Day smarter headbands for the 100th day of school.
Keeping students engaged in fun activities while learning on the 100th day! Lots of student writing and a look at their growth during the year.
We later hung up our pennants right outside our door for all to see!
 Students love to look back at their favorite things they've learned during the year on the 100th and 120th day of school.

100th and 12oth Day Math Centers

We grouped by 10s and counted by 10s to 120.
Students love grouping by 10s using this count by tens activity for the 100th day of school
The kids loved to sort into groups of ten using Cheerios, dry beans, and pasta.  Oh so fun!
Want a fun way to count by 10s on the 100th day of school? Group by tens using cheerios, dry beans or any fun manipulative you can get your hands on!
We also played a game of Race to 100.  Students worked with a partner and a pair of dice.  Each partner took turns rolling the dice and coloring in the amount that they rolled.  Whoever got to 100 first was the winner.  It was so fast paced and kids were fired up.  I loved using the two dice because the kids had to add the two numbers rolled.  It was even more fun when we tried it with three dice. Addition with 3 addends?  Bring it on!
Race to 100 on the 100th day of school is a fun and engaging game for students!
Coloring by place value came at the perfect time because it’s what we have been covering during our current math unit.
Place value coloring on the 100th and 120th day of school.

100th day physical challenge

What do you do on the 100th day when you have a SmartBoard and excited kids?  You do 100th day physical challenges of course! It didn’t matter what the kids were doing, I would yell “challenge time!” and display the challenge they needed to do.  I laughed so much and so did they.  They were always in anticipation of it.
Get them moving on the 100th day of school with fun on the spot exercise challenges!
I made these awesome bookmarks for the kids so they can have as a keepsake. I enjoy seeing how much they treasure their bookmarks and use them during their daily independent reading time.
100th day smarter bookmarks for the 100th day of school.

100th day stem

Ok, so I keep saying each thing was a favorite, and then I find something else they really enjoyed.
Building with 100 blocks/cubes. “Look Mrs. Valdez, we are building a rainbow!”
Building with 100 cups.  Behold the circular castle built to protect the princess.

100th day literacy

We also worked on literacy activities and writing. We had a lot of fun writing the room and searching for 120 words. We strive on having a language rich classroom, so finding 120 words throughout our space did not take long
We participated in some wonderful “120 year old” writing. This one made me laugh so much. I love the ideas that students come up with.

would you rather?

We ended the celebration with what turned out being my favorite activity of the day.  My school is very big on engagement and accountable talk.  We promote inquiry based learning and work really hard so that the students use a growth mindset.
We played a game of Would You Rather? and split up into groups of 4.  Students in each group had to discuss their preference and explain why.  It was so great to see kids engaged in conversation and using their accountable talk stems, such as “I agree with _____” or “I would like to add that ______”.  Some of the groups still needed some guidance, but I could tell that they are definitely getting the hang of this. After each group had their discussions, they presented their question and shared their discussion with the class.  Some groups needed me to guide them, but there was one group that did not need me at all. That, my friends, was one proud moment.  I can’t wait to see ALL of my kiddos engaged in academic conversations without teacher probing and guiding.
Our 100th and 120th day were VERY BUSY , but we had so much fun!!  Most of all, a lot of learning took place.
Many of the activities (minus the stem-those were inspired by Brooke Brown) we did can be found in my 100th or 120th Day Pack in my store (please note that both packs are identical with the numbers being the only difference).
How was your 100th or 120th  Day Palooza?

Happy Celebrating,

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    February 29, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    Nice! How did you fit so much into one day! You're super rad! Xo

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      March 2, 2016 at 2:58 am

      Hahaha thanks, Vero!! It was so much work but so worth it. It seems like a lot, but when we break up into centers and rotate, it is so much more manageable 🙂
      Can't wait to visit your classroom one day! *hugs*

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