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You may have heard of Bible Journaling and seen the beautiful images on Instagram and Pinterest.  I am not “new” to Bible journaling since I have been doing it for several months now, but I am nowhere near being an expert on the matter.  I am still learning about which materials work the best and what materials to STAY AWAY from!  I am also learning how to listen to the Holy Spirit so that He may guide me in exactly what to illustrate, especially since I am not an artist.  I will tell you where I bought some of my materials, but I have not spoken to any of the sellers nor am I getting compensated for it.

Bible journaling doesn't have to be complicated. There are many materials that are helpful for making your bible vibrant and having the Word speak to you.

What is Bible Journaling?

Bible journaling is when you use your Bible as a journal. Instead of writing or drawing your thoughts about specific verses onto a journal, you do it directly onto your Bible.  Many people are hesitant about it because they’ve been taught to not write in their Bibles or because they doubt their ability to do something “cute”.  My answer to both those reasons is this:  If illustrating and writing directly onto your Bible ministers to your life, allows you to walk closer with God, and moves you to APPLY scripture to your everyday living, well then…..need I say more?
Scripture is meant to be applicable.  God wants us to be salt and light and if being visual and hands-on is the way you learn, then this might be the very best thing for you.
In response to the “I’m not an artist” thought-you don’t NEED to be.  I’m not a singer.  I can defend myself and do harmony and background singing, but a downright singer, I am not.  Does that stop me from worshiping? No.  Illustrating your faith allows you to sit and meditate in His word and to put on paper what God places in your heart.  Plus, can we say pencil and eraser? Pencil and eraser are your best friends.  I repeat, pencil and eraser are your best friends.
If you go on Instagram and search #Illustratedfaith or you go on Pinterest, you will find a plethora of beautiful journaling bibles that may cause feelings of insecurity.  If this happens, you missed the purpose.  Let journaling speak to you.  Search and read all the posts linked up to this one to learn more about and know what materials work best.  Do not, however, see this as a way to compare to your own journaling.  This post is meant to inspire and to inform.

My Bible

I own a NKJV Journaling Bible.  I bought it at a Christian bookstore, but you can find it on Amazon.

My Materials

My biggest concern was getting products that did NOT bleed.  I went on an Amazon search and found the following product:
I really enjoy using the watercolors.  The pages do get wrinkled, but I don’t mind.  I’m not a fan of their colored pencils, so I’m looking into purchasing the Crayola brand instead.
Remember how I said it doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist?  For me, the main reason is because of tracing paper and graphite paper.  They’re like manna 😉
Can’t draw a beautiful crown?  No worries. Tracing paper will do the trick.
I found this tutorial on YouTube on how to use graphite paper.  Brilliant, just brilliant.  Cheating?  I think not 🙂
I also found wonderful resources on Etsy.  They have beautiful tabs for your bible as well as printables that are traceable.  Bible pages are so thin, that they are basically transparent and you can easily put a print beneath it and trace.  I personally love The Salty Biscuit.  They are an inspirational couple that started their Etsy business and are now very popular.  Check them out on Instagram.
This was done with a printable from The Salty Biscuit.  It also happens to be my favorite verse.
I pray I am able to grow in my walk with Christ more and more each day and I pray you are blessed if you choose to take up Bible journaling.  It is such a beautiful adventure when you dive into His word.

But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, 

“You are my God.”

Psalms 31:14 NKJV

Happy Journaling,



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