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How to Be a Teacher and Balance it All

The outside world can often have a skewed view of what being a teacher is and all that it entails. There is major focus on the amount of time we have off for holidays and vacations and a complete disregard for the unpaid overtime hours that we put in every week. Not to mention, the sheer amount of PD that we have to take. Now, I digress because this post is neither meant to discourage teachers or disparage non-teachers. Instead,…

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From The Heart

Taking Care of Your Teacher Heart

Your teacher heart is all about the kids. You want to create amazing lessons and you want to make sure that your students succeed. Your teacher heart is dedicated; often…

From The Heart

Bible Journaling

You may have heard of Bible Journaling and seen the beautiful images on Instagram and Pinterest.  I am not “new” to Bible journaling since I have been doing it for…