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Growing up in the inner city, not knowing the language and facing what I now have understood to be some level of poverty have shaped me to be who I am today.  I can sit here and tell you what a great person I am and why teaching is the very.best.thing.in.the.world, but I prefer to tell you about what led me down this path and why it matters.

I had what I like to call a “solid” childhood.  Yes, we moved a lot and we didn’t have access to all the things I have today, but I had two wonderful parents who were extremely hard working and cared very much for my two siblings and I.  My father in particular had high regard for education and believed that his children would someday graduate college. We came to this country when I was 6 years old.  I am of Hispanic descent and my native language is Spanish.  Lucky for me, I already knew how to read and write in Spanish so the transfer of knowledge from one language to another wasn’t as challenging as coming in with no literacy foundation at all. Little did I know that I was slated to be a forgotten ELL student…Read More